Teaching Approach and Methodology

The Louis Pasteur French-Panamenian School is characterized by maintaining in their classrooms a student population at primary levels, Pre-Media and High School, identified with the academic goals of the Ministry of Education and the School, which enables to optimize the teaching and learning methodologies, used for the most efiicente work of teaching and learning.

The education provided in this School seeks active participation of students in theclassroom and learning based on constant communication and interaction between the learner and the teacher  for one side, and between parents and the school by the other side

It is available to the student a varied range of learning tools that tend progressively to achieve autonomy and responsibility of the student for better training. These learning tools we have activities of speaking and writing, problem solving, research, educational visits and competitions.


In an effort to improve the quality of education both in curricular and methodological aspects, The French-Panamenian School promotes training policy, updating and further training of its faculty, by conducting seminars at our facilities with the approval andsupervision of the Ministry of Education.


It promotes the participation of teachers in training activities offered by other academic institutions recognized by the School and the education authorities.